Lagos State Ministry of Health

Service Charter


Lagos State is passing through a phase of transformation characterized by rapid population growth/overcrowding with attendant health issues. These have created major challenges in the management and control of the public health system by the State Ministry of Health. This service charter which has been carefully revised with the support and collaboration ofthe State Office of Transformation, is intended to continue to improve the standard of health care in the State’s Public Health Sector by empowering clients and patients to responsibly demand quality health care from government facilities.


The Lagos State Ministry of Health continues to pursue its quest to facilitate patients’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities that have been lacking in the State Health system. In addition,it strives to motivate the people of Lagos State to participate in the management of their health by promoting disease prevention and timely referral of patients to health facilities for immediate attention of their health problems and concerns.



The purpose of this service charter is to empower health consumers in their demand for quality health care, topromote the rights of patients and improve the quality of life of all Lagosians.


This is against the background of the fact that the capacity of Lagosians to demand their health rights is limited due to inadequate awareness of their privileges to do so, the result of which are poor health indices.


The charter will further communicate the Ministry’s core functions and values to customers/ clients, and provide information on the spectrum of services rendered, principles, obligations, customers / clients’ rights and obligations as well as mechanisms for seeking redress. This charter provides a basis for a regulatory framework in the State health system that will contribute to quality health care.


The Lagos State Ministry of Health is committed to the continued implementation of Service Charter by the State government; a process through which customers’ / clients’ rights are protected in the course of seeking health services.

The charter and its constant review processes will enable users/providers of health care tocontribute to the development of the overall health care system. Itsimplementation will enhance community participation as individuals take responsibility for their health.



Charter Review

This second edition of the Lagos State Ministry of Health’s Service Charter represents the first review carried out on the Ministry’s maiden Charter Document which was formally launched in April 2012.  It is therefore in fulfillment of the pledge to periodically update the charter as a living document; completely capturing our service improvement priorities and the input of our stakeholders for continuous effective and efficient services.


The reviewed document endeavors to provide up-to-date information on the revised/added services currently available in the Ministry of Health as well as the Standards. Based on the outcome of a comprehensive Performance Review (which included a customer satisfaction survey) carried out in 2013 after a year and a half of implementation, pre-existing standards have also been reviewed to facilitate an improvement in the quality of service provided to customers.


Vision Statement

To attain excellence in health service delivery by applying best practices at all levels of care.

Mission Statement

To deliver qualitative, affordable and equitable healthcare services to the citizenry, applying appropriate technology by highly motivated staff.


Our Customers and Stakeholders Groups

  • Residents / visitors in Lagos State seeking health care services, sponsorship for healthcare and search
  • Public Servants
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Donor/Development Partners
  • Lagos State Public School pupils
  • Students on Professional attachment or academic research
  • Contractors
  • All workplaces within the State e.g. factories, industries, food handling organizations
  • Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors and Pharmaceutical Premises
  • Health related Corporate Organizations – Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Training, etc.
  • Health related Professional Bodies
  • Faith-based Organizations providing healthcare services
  • Public and Private Health Facilities.





Service Delivery Principle

The following principles embody our vision, mission and values.  These principles apply in the development, regulation, monitoring and empowerment of the Lagos State Ministry of Health in carrying out mandated functions and responsibilities in the health sector.


Respect:That all our services are provided with the utmost respect for our customers, stakeholders as well as our partners.


Commitment to Responsibility:  We aim to continuously meet high standards of performance and responsibility in all our activities.


Commitment to Society:  We want to maintain high ethical and social standards in carrying out all our functions;remaining sensitive to the social and cultural values of our people.


Continuous Improvement:  We are committed to monitoring our performance and achievements in line with best practice and evidence based advice.


Mandated Core Functions

The Ministry of Health performs the following health sector responsibilities, functions and duties:

  • provide the Government advice as to strategies, policies, and planning concerning the development, resourcing, provision and management of health care services in the State health sector;
  •  provide and promote  preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services;
  • establish, regulate and enforce standards concerning training, qualifications and performance required for health providers in accordance with any applicable laws;
  • set standards and regulate the provision of health service delivery;
  • establish and provide quality control and consumer complaints systems for the provision of health services with any applicable laws.


Rights of Our Customers and Clients

The charter spells out that our customers have the following rights:

  • The right to government health care services,
  • The right to health care by qualified health providers
  • The right to accurate information on health issues
  • The right to timely service i.e. service without delay
  • The right of choice of health providers/ services
  • The right to protection from harm or injury
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality
  • The right to courteous treatment
  • The right to dignified treatment
  • The right to continuity of care
  • The right to personal/own opinions
  • The right to emergency treatment anywhere in the State
  • The right to dignified death
  • The right to complain to higher authorities;
  • The right to appeal administrative decisions


Our Core Values

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovativeness
  • Timeliness


Our Service Pledge

Customers / clients and visitors to the Lagos State Ministry of Health should expect to find our service windows open between 8am and 4pm on Monday – Friday, except on public holidays.


Quality of Our Service

They will be received and treated in a clean and comfortable environment with courtesy, respect and dignity irrespective of religion, ethnic group and nationality.  Staff of the Ministry will attend to the needs of customers by offering prompt, efficient and effective services. Specifically, customers should expect the following Services and Standards:


Services                                                                                                               Standards

Hypertension and Diabetes outreach Screening


Breast, Cervical and Prostate cancers Screening and Referral services

One round of wellness week screening for these services would be conducted in the 2nd half of the year in 20 LGAs and 37 LGAs for hypertension and diabetes screening while in 3 LGAs for breast and cervical cancer screening and in 2 LGAs for prostate cancer screening.


We shall provide sufficient public enlightenment such as radio and television jingles, display of banners and distribution of handbills two weeks prior to commencement of screening.


We shall ensure there are sufficient screening sites to attend to people, such that no one remains on queue longer than 60 minutes after registration for each of the services.


We shall ensure appropriate referral to designated Public Health centres (PHCs) at LGAs/LCDAs.


We shall Provide Stand- by ambulances for emergency.

Primary Healthcare Services for hard-to-reach communities In collaboration with selected LGAs health teams, we will provide free primary healthcare services to at least Four (3) LGAs per year with 20 identified hard-to reach rural communities with or without an ambulance boat. In the last quarter of 2014

Free health services provided include:

  • Blood pressure and diabetes screening
  • Eye care
  • HIV counselling and screening
  • Immunization
  • Family Planning
  • Treatment of Minor ailments
  • Deworming of Children
  • Health education On Personal Hygiene, environmental sanitation and other contemporary public health issues.
Health Promotion/Education We shall on quarterly basis   provide health education and information on public health issues.


We shall provide up-to date public health information on relevant health issues through the development of PSAs for print and electronic media as the need arises.

Epidemiology (Disease Surveillance)
















  • We shall track diseases occurrence patterns in the state on weekly basis.
  • We shall commence investigation on all suspected and reported cases of disease outbreaks within 24hours.


  • Designated hotlines will be provided throughout the period of the outbreak to attend to requests for information or guidance.


  • We shall conduct Sensitization of community informants on priority disease on the IDSR (Integrated Disease surveillance and Response) List.



  • Please call Tel No: 08033086660 0r 08023169485 to report disease outbreak.



Malaria Preventive services through Indoor Residual Spraying
  • We shall Provide Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) operations in Seven (7) selected LGAs yearly, with a possibility of scaling up based on availability of resources.


  • We shall select LGAs based on result of entomological research.


  • We shall embark on adequate advocacy, communication and social mobilization on IRS among policy makers, stakeholders and residents of selected LGAs two (2) weeks to commencement of spraying.


  • We shall recruit and train adequate numbers of spray men from the relevant communities/wards to ensure capacity building and encourage programme ownership.
Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme We shall   facilitate enlightenment by providing and distributing IEC materials on TB and Leprosy once a year to all DOTs sites.

We shall ensure the establishment of 15 additional TB diagnostic and 30 treatment centres in all so that patients do not have to travel far to access services.

HIV /AIDS  Unit We shall ensure provision of at least 200,000 units of buffer stock of HIV Rapid Test Kits for use at the health care facilities.


Training of 100 health care workers (public and private) on HIV Counselling and Testing (HTC).


Scale – up of HTC services by additional 50 sites from 358 to 408 facilities (including public and private health facilities).



Training of 400 health care workers (public and private) on Prevention – of – Mother – To – Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV.


Scale – up of PMTCT services by additional 100 facilities from 344 to 444 facilities (including public and private health facilities).


Training of 60 health care workers (public and private) on Anti Retro Viral Therapy (ART).


Scale – up of ART sites by additional 10 sites from 33 to43 facilities.

Remove corpses from the public roads, disaster spots, and the State General Hospitals. No corpse will be left on the road longer than two (2) hours after being reported, please consult the Service Nos. (112,767).
Investigate Environmental Health Complaints Complaints will be investigated and acted upon within ten (10) working days of receipt.


Implementation of both rounds of MNCH week 2014   Program shall be implemented in the second and fourth quarters.
Implementation of blitz immunization campaigns to be conducted. 1st Round National Immunization Day (NID) March 1st – 4th 2014.

2nd Round April 12th – 15th 2014.

Routine immunization of children under one year with the  under listed antigens

  • BCG
  • OPV3
  • Measles
80% coverage of Target Population of eligible children.
School Health

The School Health Screening ensures the provision of accurate medical records as baseline for pupils in public primary schools. It also comprises of Medical, Environmental Sanitation, ENT ,Dental and Nutrition





  • No of school to be visited


  • 1st term            24
  • 2nd term            24
  • 3rd term             24
  • No of LGAs to be visited
    • 1st term       6 LGAs
    • 2nd term      6 LGAs
    • 3rd term      6 LGAs
Adolescent Health We ensure the availability of counseling and treatment services at Hello Lagos Youth Friendly centre between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday
Family Planning

  • Review and supply commodities received from FMOH.
We shall ensure that no Service Delivery Point experiences stock out of commodities,subject to Availability by the FMOH.

  • Capacity building of Volunteer Health Workers (VHW) on early identification and community level management of moderate malnutrition in children under five.
  •  Annual review of LGA Nutrition focal Persons and relevant nutrition stakeholders.


  • Commemoration of World Breastfeeding week ( 1st-7th August 2014)


120 Volunteer Health workers  are  to be trained for management malnutrition tracking


Meeting to be done by third quarter.



Press briefing to be held in July

Healthcare Planning Research & Statistics


Issue Certified True Copy (CTC) of birth certificates for immigration, education and legal purposes Ensure client is not kept waiting for longer than 30 minutes for enquiry.



Issue the CTC for collection within 10 working days of request if found, and where it is not found client will be informed within the same period.


Please note that Certified true Copy of births and deaths in Lagos State from 1894-1978 are available in the Local Government area where the births or deaths were registered. Births registered between 1978 and 1990 are available in the Local Government Area where the births are registered. However registration of births from 1990 are under the purview of National Population Commission.
For fee and documents to obtain CTC, please refer to customers’ responsibilities and obligations.
Review proposals from organisations/Individuals We formally acknowledge receipt of proposals within two (2) weeks of receipt
Inspect and Accredit new medical and paramedical facilities in the state.
  • We produce accreditation within 45- 60 days after application with one inspection tea
Monitor and Regulate Medical and Paramedical facilities in the State to ensure adherence to Lagos State defined standards.
  • We shall inspect and assess thirty (30) health facilities per week to ensure compliance to Lagos State guidelines for health facilities.

There are four (4) teams and each team visits thirty (30) facilities weekly.

Re-accredit and renew licenses for medical and paramedical facilities in the State.
  • We shall ensure complete processing and issue of renewed licenses for medical and paramedical facilities within four (4) months of application.
Investigate and respond to complaints received from the general public on public and private healthcare facilities in the State.


  • Members of the Public with complaints will be attended to within 35 minutes of arrival at the agency.
  • Any formal complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours. A feedback on the preliminary investigation will be provided within 72 hours.
Organize quarterly stakeholders meeting and grassroot meetings to discuss issues relating to relevant professional bodies and agree on resolutions to be put in place.
  • Four stakeholders and four  grassroot meetings will be held this year to discuss way forward and enhance quality healthcare delivery in the state
Pre-Hospital emergency services  Provision of 24hr services on daily basis, weekends and public holidays.


We operate from four (4) bases (Lasuth, GH Lagos, GH Ikorodu GH Badagry and RRS)


Treatment of minor injuries of Road Traffic Accident, disaster victims and other medical emergencies.


Response time to scene of accident is 0-10 minutes and service delivery 15-30 minutes


Stabilize Road Traffic Accident victims and other medical emergencies. Also carry out inter and intra departmental or hospital transfer.


Maintain 16 ambulance points within the states.

Operates at the points from the hours of 8am to 5pm while nights operations at the bases start from the hours of 5pm to 8am.

Medical coverage of public /social events We provide standby Ambulance at social /public event on request with a fee ranging between

N50, 000 to N100, 000 depending on the type of event.


Coverage of state government events is free.

Medical Administration, Training & Special Programs  


Review requests for Medical assistance in the State’s Secondary and Tertiary Hospital for Lagos State Public Servants and the less privileged.


Issuance of Free

Health Services for Lagos State Servants and less privileged

Review request for reimbursement of funds expended by Lagos State Public Servants on healthcare in emergency cases.


Review request for financial assistance for Overseas Medical Treatment.



  • Review of request will commence within 2 days of receipt by designated officer.



  • Free Health letter will be issued immediately by designated officer on receipt request.
  • Review of request will commence within 2 days of receipt by designated officer.



  • Reviewing of request will commence within 2 days of receipt by designated officer.




  • Requests will be referred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)for convening of a Medical Board to assess and recommend the validity of the request within twenty (20) working days of receipt by designated officer (where necessary).
Conduct Continuous Medical Education Seminars
  • Organize Continuous Medical Education Seminars / Workshops for Lagos State Health Workers for improvement of knowledge and skills yearly.


  • Organize Continuous Medical Education Seminar / Workshops for doctors in the Ministry of Health yearly.
Conduct Medical Mission at LGAs The following are provided yearlyduring medical mission:

ü  Primary Health Care Services

ü  Eye, Dental, Hypertension and Diabetes Screening Service

ü  Minor surgeries for surgical and Obstetric and Gynecological Cases

ü  Side- Laboratory Services

ü  Provision of Drugs for uncomplicated ailments

ü  Distribution of Long- Lasting Insecticide Nets

ü  Distribution of Information Leaflets.


Free  surgery session for:

  • Repair of cleft-lip and limb deformity program will be held yearly after a preceding free screening exercise to determine suitability for surgery.
  • Goiter control programme twice yearly.
Staff Eye Clinic services



















The following services are provided for civil servants at the clinic (Monday – Friday) 8am – 4pm daily:

ü  Eye examination

ü  Refractive services

ü  Provision of eyefreedrugs; subject to availability.

ü  Provision of free reading glasses and special order glasses (subject to availability)

ü  Prescribe special order lenses

ü  Health Education/ counseling on eye care.



  • Free eye screening programme for schools will be conducted for pupils in Lagos Island IBILE division (Apapa, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Surulere and Eti – Osa Local) yearly.
Conduct recruitment exercise for student nurses for the School of Nursing. Advertisements for sale of forms into the schools of nursing and midwifery shall be placed in a national newspaper for a period of two weeks each in May and November.


Entrance examination shall be conducted twice yearly according to stipulated standards while Oral interviews shall be conducted for final selection.


40 student nurses and 30 student midwives shall be recruited yearly.

Oversee the conduct of professional nursing examinations in Lagos State. 4 rounds of examinations in February, May and September 2015 for Student nurses.


3 rounds of examinations in May July and August 2015 shall be conducted for student midwives.


4 editions of final qualifying examinations in March, May, September and November in all Nursing schools as conducted by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. (N&MCN)

Conduct capacity building for Nurses/Midwives. MCPDP trainings shall be conducted monthly to update Nurses before renewal of practicing licenses with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (N&MCN).


The Implementation Committee Meeting for MCPDP shall be held monthly.


One training per quarter shall be monitored using designed instruments to ensure quality.

Monitor Nursing Education and Practices. Monitoring of nursing and midwifery students during clinical posting as stipulated on school calendar shall be carried out weekly.
Coordinate the activities of Midwives employed under Midwives Service Scheme (MSS) and Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P). Collate and analyze maternal records as submitted by the midwives twice yearly.


Monitor the activities of these midwives on quarterly basis.

Directorate of Occupational Health and Staff Health Services  
Occupational Health  
Conduct workplace inspection in factories, industries and regulated premises to ensure compliance with health, safety and welfare guidelines.
  1. We shall inspect minimum of 100 work places per week.
  2. OHS Dept. have 9 Teams that goes out on inspection for 3 (days) in a week.
Investigate public complaints on occupational health.
  1. Complaints will be investigated and acted upon within ten (10) working days of receipt, please consult the Service Nos. (112,767).
  2. Complaints are received from Honourable Commissioner (Health), Permanent Secretary (Health), Special Adviser (Health) and Director Occupational/Staff Health Services.
  3. Emergency complaints are also received from the Service Nos. (112,767).
Conduct emergency investigation on occupational health hazards We shall respond to emergency occupational health hazards complaints/petitions within 24 hours of notification, please consult the Service Nos. (112,767).
Training of College of Health Technology undergraduates, Public and Private Universities in the Country (from different States) during the internship period of one year. We shall ensure the training of students posted for internship to the Directorate on all aspect of occupational health within the period.
Provide Outpatient Primary Health Care Services
  1. Provides Primary Health Care Services to public servants from 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday except on public holidays.
  2. Patients are seen by Doctors within 30 minutes of arrival at the Clinic.
Issue appointment/clearance cards to MDAs on request based on nominal roll for the Annual Free Medical Screening Exercise of Public Servants. Issue minimum of 1000 cards to MDAs within 5 working days.
Conduct pre-employment screening on request. Pre-employment medical screening will be concluded within three visits and Certificate of health status will be ready within 48 hours post conclusion of medical examination.
Provide free medical emergency and referral
  1. We give immediate attention to medical emergencies and referral.
  2. Referral is based on LASAMBUS response to calls and bed space availability in the hospitals.
Free Dental care for X-ray, scaling and polishing and tooth extraction We ensure the conclusion of Dental care for X-ray, scaling and polishing and tooth extraction treatment within two visits to dental clinic.


Directorate of Pharmaceutical Services  
Inspect, register and license drug outlets including retail, wholesale, distribution and importation as well as Patent Medicine shops.



The application forms for Registration are available at the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), Yaba.


All the application forms received by the DPS from PCN office will be forwarded to the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate Unit (PIU) within 48 hours for distribution to inspectors.




However overall responsibility for the inspection process resides with the PCN. The client will be informed when application and report reaches the PCN, Yaba.


Monitors Drug Distribution Channels:

Lagos State I divided into 7 (Seven) zones of operation by the Lagos State Pharmaceutical inspection committee (PIC).

PIC shall seal Pharmaceutical Premises that violate the regulations of Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, and anAdministrative fee prescribed for the offenders.



Monitoring will be conducted:

*Quarterly on a State wide basis.

* Monthly on Zonal basis.


The decision of the PIC will be communicated to the offender, within 10 (Ten) working days.


Clients who fulfill obligations for re–opening of sealed premises will have premises unsealed within 14(Fourteen) working days.

Conducts training for licensed Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors on the Guidelines of operation of Patent Medicine Shops. We shall conduct a 2 (Two) day training session for licensed Patent and Proprietary Vendors once in a year.
Coordinate Drug Analysis and Quality Assurance.
  • Clients seeking to analyse samples shall be attended to within 30 minutes of arrival.
  • Report / Certificate of analysis will be provided within 15 working days.




Special Needs Provisions

In order to improve access for our customers with special needs, e.g. the elderly, physically challenged, children and pregnant women, the Lagos State Ministry of Health has implemented initiatives in this regard:

A ramp has been installed at the entrance for ease of access into the building. A lift is also available and functional throughout Business Hours except between 12.00-1.00pm when there is a mandatory shut down of this service to promote the longevity and functionality of the lift. For personalized and thus more effective service delivery, Special Needs Officers (SNOs) are available in each Directorate. The Officers are contacted via phone by the Front Desk and called upon to personally attend to customers at the reception area for those not able to navigate the lift.

Medical emergency services with stand-by ambulances are available for customers within our Alausa secretariat premises during working hours.


Customers’ Responsibilities / Obligations

1.            All Customers seeking to obtain a Certified True Copy of the Registration of Birth are required to provide the following documents:

ü  A copy of the registration of birth/birth certificate in question.

ü  A letter from the Institution requesting the CTC and stating its purpose


ü  A formally signed request letter by the applicant

v  Birth – N2,000

v  Death – N4,000

v  Non- Native – N4,000

v  Verification of CTC N5,000

2.            Householders whose houses will be sprayed under the State Malaria Prevention Indoor Residual Spraying Initiative will be expected to:

ü  Cover all household items

ü  Remove all edibles including water from the house

ü  Wait for 2 hours after spraying before entering the house.

ü  Mop the floor of the house thoroughly before settling in.


3.            Customers who participated in the free cancers screening exercises and are referred to designated referral centres for follow-up are expected to do so to ensure their utmost benefit from the exercise.

4.            To ensure we serve you better, any corpse or accident sighted or witnessed should be reported through the designated telephone numbers or to the nearest health facility or hospital.

5.            Members of the Public seeking financial assistance should please ensure they provide the following documents:

ü  A formal letter of request

ü  Medical Report of referring Local Doctor

ü  Letter from Hospital abroad indicating acceptance of the patient as well as detailed costing of treatment to be provided

ü  Evidence of ownership/processing of a passport

They would also be expected to attend the Medical Board Screening upon referral in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) with regards to their request.

6.            Public servants seeking reimbursement for medical expenses would be expected to provide:

ü  A formal letter of request

ü  Identification card/ Letter of Appointment

ü  Most recent pay slip

ü  Receipts of Expenses

ü  Medical Report from attending Doctor


7.            Public Servants seeking to access free health services should provide:

ü  Letter of introduction from the MDA where they work

ü  Recent pay slip

ü  ID Card for sighting

ü  Photocopy of ID Card


8.            Health Professionals in the private sector seeking accreditation of new medical/paramedical facility will be expected to provide:

ü  Formal letter of request to include type of facility and services to be provided

ü  Evidence of ownership and registration of the business concerned

ü  Drawings and Photographs of the facility

ü  CVs and Certificates of all newly-recruited employees

ü  Details of its Management Team

ü  Fees for accreditation are as follows:

v  Special Hospitals – N50,000, other medical facilities N25,000

v  Laboratories N25,000

v  Diagnostic centers N50,000


9.            Health Practitioners seeking re-accreditation and renewal of license for facilities should provide:

ü  Evidence of monthly and timely rendition of National Health Management Information Systems (NHMIS) Data for the past 1 year duly signed and stamped by Medical Officer of Health of the Local Government Area where facility is located

ü  Current License Issued

ü  Registration of the hospital

ü  Certificates of all the facilities employed staff

ü  Fees for renewal are as follows:

v  Specialist Hospitals N50,000, others N20,000

v  Other hospitals with 20 beds and above N50,000

v  Clinics with 2 beds N10,000

v  Maternity homes N10,000

v  Convalescent homes N10,000

v  Laboratories N10,000

v  Diagnostics N25,000

v  Specialist clinics N25, 000.

v  Limited liability Company, e.g, Hospitals/Clinics N100, 000.

v  Registration Form N10, 000.

v  Brochure N1, 000.

Certificate of registration:

v  Clinic, convalescent home, maternity, laboratory and hospitals with less than 10 beds) N25, 000.

v  Specialist hospitals N50, 000

v  Diagostic centres N50, 000

v  Limited liability companies (hospitals) N100, 000.

Penalty for violation:


v  Hospital Not Registered                                                                                =N100, 000

v  Hospital Registered (but default less than 5yrs)                 =N30,000.00

v  Hospital Registered (default above 5yrs)                                               =N50,000.00

v  Hospital Registered (No qualified personnel on duty)     =N50,000.00

v  Hospital Registered but dirty & dilapidated furniture’s    =N50,000. 00

v  Dirty environment                                                                                           =N30,000.00

v  Training of Auxiliary Nurses                                                                         =N100,000.00

v  Late submission of data                                                                                =N50,000.00

v  No evidence of data rendition                                                   =N50,000.00

v  Hospital (Operating beyond schedule)                                   =N100,000.00

v  Quackery practice                                                                                            =N100,000.00

v  Comingling of waste                                                                                       =N20,000.00

v  Hospital Registered with no Identification Logo                  =N50,000.00

v  Non availability of equipments to support services                           =N20, 000. 00


v  Clinic Not Registered                                                                      =N100,000.00

v  Clinic Registered (but default less than 5yrs)                       =N30,000.00

v  Clinic Registered (default above 5yrs)                     =N50,000.00

v  Clinic Registered (No qualified personnel on duty)           =N50,000.00

v  Clinic Registered but dirty & dilapidated furniture’s =N50, 000. 00

v  Dirty environment                                                                           =N30,000.00

v  Training of Auxiliary Nurses                                                         =N100,000.00

v  Late submission of data                                                                =N10,000.00

v  Uses of expired vaccine                                                                =N50,000.00

v  Clinic (Operating beyond schedule)                                         =N100,000.00

v  Quackery practice                                                                            =N100,000.00

v  Inadequate waste disposal                                                          =N50,000.00

v  Clinic Registered with no Logo                                    =N20,000.00



v  Convalescent Not Registered                                                     =N100,000.00

v  Convalescent Registered (but default less than 5yrs)=N30,000.00

v  Convalescent Registered (default above 5yrs)    =N50,000.00

v  Convalescent  Registered                                                             =N50,000.00

(No qualified personnel on duty)

v  Convalescent Registered but dirty & dilapidated furniture =N50, 000.

v  Dirty environment                                                                           =N30,000.00

v  Training of Auxiliary Nurses                                                         =N100,000.00

v  Late submission of data                                                                =N50,000.00

v  Uses of expired vaccine                                                                =N50,000.00

v  Convalescent (Operating beyond schedule)                        =N100,000.00

v  Quackery practice                                                                            =N100,000.00

v  No evidence of supervising doctor                                           =N30, 000. 00

v  Inadequate waste disposal                                                          =N10,000.00

v  Convalescent Registered with no Logo                   =N10,000.00


v  Maternity Not Registered                                                            =N100,000.00

v  Maternity Registered (but default less than 5yrs)             =N50,000.00

v  Maternity Registered (default above 5yrs)                           =N50,000.00

v  Maternity l Registered (No qualified personnel on duty)=N50,000.00

v  Maternity Registered but dirty dilapidated furniture/dirty environment=N50, 000.00

v  Training of Auxiliary Nurses                                                         =N100,000.00

v  Late submission of data                                                                =N50,000.00

v  Uses of expired vaccine                                                                =N50,000.00

v  Maternity (Operating beyond schedule)                               =N100,000.00

v  Quackery practice                                                                            =N100,000.00

v  Inadequate waste disposal                                                          =N50,000.00

v  Maternity Registered with no Logo                                          =N20,000.00


v  Laboratory  Not Registered                                                         =N100,000.00

v  Laboratory Registered (but default less than 5yrs)            =N50,000.00

v  Laboratory Registered (default above 5yrs)                         =N50,000.00

v  Laboratory  Registered (No qualified personnel on duty)=N50,000.00

v  Laboratory Registered but not well equipped     =N50,000.00

v  Inadequate waste disposal                                                          =N50,000.00

v  Laboratory  Registered with no identification Logo           =N20,000.00

v  Recycling of specimen bottles                                    =N50,000.00

v  Recycling of Syringes, Needles and Gloves                           =N50,000.00

v  Diagnostics without lead lining                                   =N50, 000. 00

Penalty for not renewing

v  April to June additional 50 % of renewal fee

v  July to Sept. additional 100 % of renewal fee

v  Oct. to Dec. additional 150 % of renewal fee



v  Closure of all private health facilities attract  fine of  =N250,000.00

v  Upgrading                                                                                                   =N20,000.00

v  Request for information                                                                       =N10,000.00

v  Identification Logo                                                                                  =N25,000.00

v  Training of Auxiliary Nurses

  1. 1st Offender                                                                                                       =N100, 000. 00
  2. 2nd Offender                                                                                                      =N150, 000. 00
  3. 3rd Offender                                                                                                       =N150, 000. 00+ Closure


10.          An individual or organization intending to register pharmaceutical premises must fulfill the following:

ü  Be a licensed Pharmacist

ü  Register the organization with theCorporate Affairs Commission

ü  A superintendent pharmacist is required to register wholesale, distribution and importation pharmaceutical premises

ü   A premise of 30m2 will be registered for retail outlets while 50m2 will be register for wholesales outlets.

ü  Fees for pharmacist registration and licensing are as follows:

v  40 years and above post registration free

v  15 – 39 years post registration N3000

v  10 – 14 below post registration N2000

v  9 years and below post registration N1000

v  Resident abroad – $100/equivalent.

Fees for drugs analysis are as follows:


v  Assay  N10, 000 – N20, 000 per ingredient

v  Melting point determination N1, 000 per sample

v  Conductivity N1, 200 per sample

RAW MATERIAL – as officially required N20, 000 (minimum)


v  Disintegration Test N1, 500 – N5, 000 per sample.

v  Dissolution Test HPLC N25, 000 per ingredient.

v  Dissolution Test U.V. N20, 000 per ingredient.

v  Hardness or Friability Test N1, 000 per sample.

v  Dissolution profile( one component)      N150, 000 (minimum)


v  Specific gravity or Refraction Index or Ph

v  Viscosity N3, 000 per sample.


v  Assay N20, 000 per ingredient

v  Bioavailability sample N2, 500 per injection.


(1)    F.I.D

v  One component N25, 000

v  Two components N35, 000

v  Three components N45, 000

v  Four components N50, 000

(2)     MS N35, 000 (minimum).


v  Assay (single component) N15, 000 (minimum)

v  Basic charge for scanning N2, 000

v  UV reading N1, 000 per reading.


v  Gross Contamination Test N10, 000

v  Sensitivity Test N20, 000

v  Sterility Test N15, 000

v  Preservative Challenge Test N30, 000

v  Disinfection (Time –Kill Test) N50, 000


v  Comprehensive Analysis N15, 000

v  Physico-chemical assessment only N10, 000

v  Microbiological assessment only N7, 500


v  Phytochemical screening N10, 000

v  Microbiological evaluation N10, 000

v  Abnormal Toxicity N15, 000

v  Median Lethal Dose (LD50) N30, 000


v  Dissolved oxygen test / oxygen absorbed in 4 hrs. N10, 000

v  Oxygen demand (COD) N15, 000, (BOD) N25, 000

v  Microbiological evaluation N25, 000

v  Complete analysis (negotiable).

PYROGEN TEST (Rabbit) N20, 000

STABILITY TESTS (minimum 12 weeks and is negotiable).


v  Physico-chemical Analysis N15, 000


v  Beverages N25, 000

v  Milk / diary N25, 000

v  Vegetable oil/fat N25, 000

v  Fruit drink/juice N20, 000

v  Alcoholic beverage /wine/hot drink/spirit N25, 000

v  Malt drink N30, 000

Terms of payment

v  70% advance for analysis

v  30% on collection of certificate of analysis

v  Time of analysis 7 -15 days

v  Express service 50% extra.

Quality of samples required

v  Tables/capsules minimum of 100

v  Syrups/suspension 10 bottles

v  Infusions 10 packs

Bank draft should be made in favour of LAGOS STATE MINISTRY OF HEALTH

For further information, please contact:

Director/Head of Laboratory

Drug Quality Control Laboratory, LASUCOM, LASUTH Complex, Ikeja.

Telephone no. 01- 804-4089/0807-988- 8866.



11.          A public servant who intends to access the free health services in the State public hospitals must provide

ü  Official ID card

ü  Recent pay slip


12.          To report disease outbreak, please call or send SMS to:

ü  State Epidemiologist: 0802-316-9485.

ü  Director, Disease Control:  0802-304-4194.


13.          Vaccination fee is N500. It is subject to review.


14.          Documents neededto process approval for release of funds are:

ü  Original copy of Governor’s Approval

ü  Original letter of award from State Tender’s Board (STB)

ü  Tax clearance certificate (TCC)/Lagos State Internal Revenue Service Clearance

ü  Certificate of Incorporation

ü  Bank Guarantee/Bond for advance payment

ü  Receipt for payment of administration fee

ü  Receipt for payment of agreement fee

ü  Registration as a contractor with State Tender Board (STB)


Monitoring and Reporting

The Service Delivery Unit (SDU) of the Lagos State Ministry of Health is charged with the responsibility of monitoring and reporting performance against standards set in this charter. The SDU is empowered to carry out periodic monitoring, evaluation and advice management on service improvement priorities.

This report will be published on the Ministry’s website on a quarterly basis.

Performance Assessment

A Quarterly Assessment of the Ministry’s Performance is routinely conducted to assess and ultimately improve compliance to set standards. The Ministry of Health is committed to its goal of service delivery per excellenceas articulated in its Vision Statement.


Stakeholders’ Participation

As part of the Service Charter Structures, the Ministry has a Stakeholder’s Group consisting of nominated representatives of partners and customers alike for each Directorate. This group ensures that the stakeholders’ inputs are regularly captured for inclusion in the charter and indeed with respect to Service Charter Implementation. In addition, 2 nominees from the group also sit on the Ministerial Service Charter Committee to provide the stakeholders’ input into any decisions or initiatives derived there-from. Reports of the periodic monitoring of service delivery by the Service Delivery Unit (SDU) staff form the coreinput during charter reviews. Through various customer surveys and interactive activity we have been able to continue to ensure that the expectations of our customers and clients are captured in this charter.


Existing Limitations

The Ministry is situated on the 3rd to 6th floors of Block 4, Alausa Secretariat which it shares with another Ministry. Customers are required to utilize the lift or staircase to access our offices and services.However, this lift is not available between 12.00 – 1.00pm during business hours each day for maintenance purposes geared towards facilitating the longevity and continued functioning of the lift.

Please note that implementation of our public health programs as and when scheduled is subject to availability of funds.

Our Support Services

Services                                                                                               Standards

Directorate of Accounts  
  • Contract Award/Approval for Projects and  Programmes
  • We facilitate payment procedures by raising payment vouchers within 6 (six) working days for payment by Ministry of Finance.
  • Release of funds to beneficiaries of Medical Assistance
  • We communicate to the concerned Directorate within 24 hours if there is going to be delay in processing or when payment is made.
  • Salaries / Variation in salary


  • Computation of Variation using varies cards.
Directorate of Finance and Administration  
Coordinate all Administrative matters of the Ministry of Health
  • Continuous office management and maintenance in conjunction with Office of Works, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure; maintenance and repairs are carried out within 3 days after release of funds and approval.
  • Coordinate Top Management Meeting fortnightly; checklists for such meetings are ready within 24 hours while the minutes are ready in 72hours.
  • Coordinate merit award for best Officer; a letter of commendation is given to winners.
  • Effective dispatch of all outgoing mails from the Ministry and distribution of incoming mails by post within the Ministry.
Coordinate all Establishment matters.
  • Ensure processing of clearance on State of indebtedness of retirees and forward same to Civil Service Commission / Ministry of Establishment, Training and Pension.


  • Ensure further processing of retirement benefit in conjunction with Lagos State Pension Commission



  • Organize Last Day in Office for retiringOfficers; 15 ceremonies had been conducted so far.
Coordinate Leave roaster of all Directorates Over 90% of staff had gone on leave in accordance to the roaster while release of leave advice is given to Officers within 3 working days after approval.
Coordinate all Personnel Matters.
  • Personnel Management Board Meeting on confirmation, Discipline, Intention, Discipline and Conversion.
  • Coordinate yearly promotion exercise for both junior and senior staff in accordance with Ministry of Establishment and Civil Service Commission’s directives respectively.
  • Duly signed minutes of the PMB are forwarded to appropriate MDAs within 72hours.
Finance matters
  • Prepare Personnel and Recurrent budget based on Call Circular from Ministry of Establishment and Ministry of Economic, Planning and Budget respectively. The Year 2015 Personnel Cost Budget has been concluded.
  • Coordinate Ministerial Tenders Board meeting as need arises. Six MTBs were conducted.
Training Schedules
  • Review training proposals and forward recommendation to Ministry of Establishments for processing by Ministry of Economic Planning & Budget as the training needs arise.
  • Members of staff had been trained at PSSDC, Magodo , Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Establishment& Training through nominations from the various MDAs


Courier Service
  • Mails forwarded to the courier company are dispatched within 48 hours and acknowledgment copies are returned to the Ministry thereafter.


Complaints / Redress Mechanism

The Ministry of Health will try to resolve client complaints as far as possible at the window where the customer received service, advice or had reason to question the service / advice given.


Complaints should where possible be lodged by the client or authorized representative(s). Complaints can be lodged through the following means:

v  Pick up a Customer Complaints Form at the Ministry’s Front Desk.

v  Call or send SMS to Service Charter Key Officers or Service Window Liaison Officers telephone numbers as provided at the Service window.

v  E-mail to

v  Office of Transformation, Governor’s Office, Block 21, Alausa Secretariat.

v  Key complaints officers:

  • Dr. Emmannuella Zamba – Service Delivery Director

Telephone no. 08033001731

  • Mrs. Oluyemi Joan – Service Improvement Officer

Telephone no. 08160581727


If you are not satisfied with the redress offered, you may lodge your complaint to the Hon. Commissioner (Health) and Permanent Secretary (Health) on the 5th and 4th floors, Ministry of Health, Alausa Secretariat.

Complaints in writing through this means will be acknowledged within 5 working days. When delay occurs as a result of investigation, customers will be kept updated on the process through provided contacts.

Where to find us

The Lagos State Ministry of Health has its offices located on the 3rd to 6th floors of Block 4 in The Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa Ikeja.  For Additional information, please visit our website at:

Our Officials/Staff

We have a team of competent and friendly health professionals to provide our services.

Our staff are easily identified by name tags boldly displayed on them.

Our Service Delivery Officers are easily identified by wearing of tie and scarf in Lagos State colours.



The Commissioner

Lagos State Ministry of Health

…………………………. 2015