Lagos State is passing through a phase of transformation characterized by rapid population growth overcrowding with attendant health issues. These create major challenges in the management and control by the ministry of health. Therefore the service charter which has been carefully developed with the support and collaboration from development partners such DFID funded SPARC as well as government sectors, is intended to raise the standard of Health care by empowering the clients and patients to responsibly demand good quality health care from government facilities.

The service charters will bring about the awareness of patients’ rights and responsibilities that have been lacking among the population of Lagos State. In addition the service charter will motivate the community to participate in the management of their health by promoting disease prevention, timely referral of patients to health facilities for immediate attention of their health problems and concerns.

The Service Delivery Unit (SDU) of the ministry of Health has been charged with the responsibility of monitoring, supervising and evaluating the use of the service charter including dissemination and regular review and revision of the charter.


The Lagos State Ministry of Health is committed to initiating a process through which customer service charter is put in place to ensure that the rights of patients and clients are protected in the course of seeking health services.

The capacity of Lagosians to demand for their health rights is still limited due to inadequate awareness resulting from limited availability of the requisite information which translates into poor health indices. This charter provides a basis for a legal and regulatory framework in health that contributes to improved capacity for quality health care.

The purpose of the service charter is to empower health consumers to demand high quality health care, to promote the rights of patients and to improve the quality of life of all Lagosians and finally eradicate poverty in the state. The charter will further communicate our core functions and values to our customers, and provide information on the spectrum of our services, commitments, principles, obligations, clients’ rights and obligations as well as mechanisms for seeking redress.

The service charter and its constant review processes will enable health users’ to contribute to the development and contribution of the overall health care system, guide and improve the capacity of health providers in provision of high quality care.

The implementation of the service charter will enhance community participation and empower individuals to take responsibility for their health. This will promote accountability and improve the quality of health services.

Vision Statement

To attain excellence in health service delivery by applying best practices at all levels of care.

Mission Statement

To deliver qualitative, affordable and equitable healthcare services to the citizenry, applying appropriate technology by highly motivated staff

Our Customers and Stakeholder Groups

  • Residents / visitors in Lagos State who need our health care services
  • Public Servants
  • Non-Governmental Organizations/Civil Society Organizations
  • Donor/Development Partners
  • Lagos State Public Primary School pupils
  • Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors
  • Health related Corporate Organisations – Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Training, etc.
  • Health related Professional Bodies
  • Faith-based Organisations providing healthcare Services
  • Public and Private Health Facilities.

Service Delivery Principle:

The following principles embody our vision, mission and values. These principles apply in the development, regulation, monitoring and empowerment of the Lagos State Ministry of Health in carrying out mandated functions and responsibilities in the health sector.

Respect:That all our services are provided with the utmost respect for our stakeholders as well as our health sector partners

Commitment to Responsibility: We aim to continuously meet high standards of performance and responsibility in all our activities

Commitment to Society: We want to maintain high ethical and social standards in carrying out all our functions and be sensitive to the social and cultural values of our people.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to monitoring our performance and achievements in line with best practice and evidence based advice.

Mandated Core Functions

The Ministry of Health performs the following health sector responsibilities, functions and duties:

  • To provide the Government and Minister with advice as to strategies; policies, and planning concerning the development, resourcing, provision and management of health care services in the sector;
  • To Provide and promote preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services;
  • To establish, regulate and enforce standards concerning the training, qualifications and performance required for providers in accordance with any applicable laws;
  • To Set standards and regulate the provision of health service delivery;
  • To establish and provide for quality control and consumer complaints systems for the provision of health services with any applicable laws

Rights of our Customers and Clients

The charter spells out that the customer (patient) has the following rights:

  • Right to life
  • Right to health care by qualified health provider
  • Right to accurate information
  • Right to timely service i.e. service without delay
  • Right of choice of health provider/ service
  • Right to protection from harm or injury
  • Right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Right to courteous treatment
  • Right to dignified treatment
  • Right to continuity of care
  • Right to personal/own opinion
  • Right to emergency treatment any where
  • Right to dignified death
  • Right to complain to higher authorities;
  • Right to appeal administrative decisions

Our Service Pledge:

Customers and visitors to the Lagos State Ministry of Health should expect to find our service windows open twenty four hours of every day.

They will be received and treated in a clean and comfortable environment with courtesy, respect and dignity irrespective of religion, ethnic group and nationality. Staff of the Ministry will attend to the needs of customers by offering prompt, efficient and effective services. Specifically, customers should expect the following standards of service:

  • Customers at the reception will be served speedily and handled with respect.
  • Pick customers calls within 30 seconds but in any case not exceeding three rings.
  • Respond to enquiries, written correspondence and e-mails promptly.
  • Acknowledge technical and complex enquiries within five (5) days and address the same within fourteen days of the date of receipt and provide accessible and timely services to all. Customers shall be attended to within 10 minutes.
Services Standards
Pharmaceutical Services
Registration and Licensing of drug retail outlets, Pharmacists as well as Shops for Patent Medicine Vendors.

Drug Quality Control.

Drug Analysis and Quality Assurance.

Inspection and Monitoring of Drug Distribution Channels.

Continuous Training programmes for licensed patent and proprietary vendors on guidelines on the Operation of Patent and proprietary Medicine operators.

  • All Licenses will be issued within 6 months of application for same.
  • In the event of a delay, clients will be notified through their provided contact.
  • Clients seeking to analyze drug samples at the Drug Quality Control Laboratory shall be attended to within 30 minutes of arrival
  • A report of analysis will be provided within 10 Working days.
  • Premises of registered pharmacy operators are inspected monthly and reported available at the directorate.
  • A two (2) day training program will be schedule once in a year.


Healthcare Planning, Research and Statistics
Issuance of Certified True Copy (CTC) of birth certificates for immigration, educational and legal purposes.

Review of proposals from Organisations/Individuals

When you visit the Health Management Information Systems Unit in Room 611 on the 6th floor of the Ministry of Health, we will:

  • Ensure you are not kept waiting for longer than 30 minutes
  • Provide you a feedback of findings on your return visit a week after your first encounter.
  • Issue the CTC for your collection within 2 weeks of your request
  • We shall formally acknowledge receipt of your proposal within a week of your submission
Disease Control and Public Health
Hypertension and Diabetes Outreach Screening Services.

Breast, Cervical and Prostate cancers Screening and Referral Services.

The programs (Diabetes and Hypertension, Breast, Cervical and Prostate Cancers) will each carry out outreach programs to at least 3 Local Government areas and their affiliated Local Council Development Areas annually

Before commencement of the program we will:

  • Provide sufficient Public Enlightenment (radio Jingles, pasting of Posters and distribution of Handbills) beginning from 2 weeks prior.
  • Provide free screening for the cancers to all community members and provide referral services to designated health centres at Local Government Areas level.
  • Ensure there are sufficient service points at screening centres to attend to everyone and to make sure that no one remains on a cue longer than 45 minutes.
  • Respect your dignity and individual needs.
  • Provide stand-by ambulance services to provide emergency care and move needy patients to the nearest health facility for further management.
Primary Healthcare Services for hard to reach Communities
Health and Hygiene Education at the Community Level

Prevention of Disease Outbreaks at the community Level

Provision of Free Health Services at the community Level

In conjunction with the selected Local Government’s Health team, we shall provide primary healthcare services on a quarterly basis to at least 4 Local Government/Local Council Development Areas

Free services to be provided include:

  • Eye, Nutrition and HIV Screening
  • Immunization
  • Family Planning
  • Treatment of Minor ailments
  • Deworming of children
  • Health education on personal hygiene, environmental sanitation and other public health issues
Information, Education and Communication Services on Health Issues.
Provision of timely information on health matters

Educating the public on prevention tips during disease outbreaks

Conducting Disease Surveillance/ Epidemiology.

Malaria Preventive Services through Indoor Residual Spraying

Issuance of Yellow Fever Immunisation and Certification cards for Travellers.

  • We shall periodically provide Health Information on public health issues affecting life and living to improve health.
  • We shall provide periodic, timely and up-to date public information on disease outbreaks and provide information on preventive measures to protect yourself through the television and print media, posters and radio jingles
  • All reported outbreaks shall be investigated within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Designated hotlines will be provided throughout the period of the outbreak to attend to requests for information or guidance
  • We shall provide Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) twice yearly. Local Government that need IRS is identified through research.
  • We shall provide other malaria prevention services to both adults and children in the state.
  • We shall carry out distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLITN) through PHCs yearly subject to availability of nets.
  • We shall provide yellow fever immunization and certification cards within 2 week of request subject to availability of vaccines.
Family Health Services

School Health Programme.


In conjunction with the national initiative towards the reduction of maternal and child mortalities, we shall:

  • Conduct Maternal, Newborn Child Health Week twice a year (May and November) at all PHCs in the state targeted towards children 0-59 months, pregnant women and care givers.

During the week we shall provide:

  • Routine Immunisation – Oral Polio, Vitamin A
  • Antenatal Care
  • Provide malnutrition screening
  • HIV Counselling and Testing Services
  • We shall visit selected schools six (6) LGAs per term to provide free Eye, ENT, Dental screening services, treatment for minor ailments, deworming exercise, health education, oral, personal hygiene, mental health and environmental sanitation.
  • Twice yearly conduct NIPDs in all LGAs.


Occupational Health & Staff Clinic
Conduct health Inspection of factories and public facilities to ensure compliance to safety regulations including food safety

Provide outpatient primary healthcare services within official working hours to the public servants employed within Alausa

Promotion of sanitation with the removal of corpses from the public roads and highways.

  • We shall provide consultation, pre-employment screening, laboratory services and treatment within the working hours between 9am to 4pm to public servants
  • Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected
  • You shall be attended by a doctor within 15 minutes of your arrival.
  • We shall inspect 10 facilities per week to enforce compliance to Lagos State Safety Commission Laws and the Construction and Allied Workers Laws.
  • No Corpse will be left on the road for longer than 6 hours
  • 24 hour Dedicated lines shall be provided to report corpses sighted on the roads
  • Corpses will be removed from the roads within 1 hour of report


Lagos State Ambulance Services (LASAMBUS)

Stabilisation of Road Traffic Accident (RTA) and disaster victims.

Treatment of minor injuries of RTA and disaster victims on scene of accident.

Professional transportation of RTA victims and other to hospitals.

Medical coverage of public/social events.

Manning of the 15 designated Ambulance Points within Lagos State.

  • There shall be ambulance services provided for public servants requiring medical attention beyond the limitations of the Staff Clinic.
  • We operate from two bases- LASUTH, IKEJA and LAGOS ISLAND GENERAL HOSPITALS.
  • We will provide 24 hours pre- hospital medical care on daily bases, public holidays and weekends inclusive.
  • Response time to scene of accident will be between 30 minutes to 1hour on receipt of call. However delay may occur as a result of traffic jam.
  • Give free emergency medical care for first 24 hours.
  • Members of the public can reach us through SMS through toll free call on 767-112. Also through the commissioner, special Adviser and permanent Secretary.
  • We shall ensure the availability of appropriately manned ambulance units between 8am to 5pm daily at all designated points.
Directorate of Medical, Administration, Training and Program

Review and Processing of Requests for Medical Assistance in the State’s Secondary and Tertiary Institutions

Review and Processing of Requests for Financial Assistance for overseas medical assistance.

Review and Processing of Requests by Public Servants for Reimbursement of Funds expended on healthcare

Conduct of Continuous Medical Education Sessions.

Anchor and facilitate the provision of health care services at Medical Missions

Anchor and facilitate the provision of surgeries and/or prostheses through the Limb and Deformity Programme following screening exercises.

Anchor and facilitate the provision of surgery for needy infants with cleft lip and/or palate conditions through the Operation Smile Programme


Coordinate the Free Health Services Programme for Lagos State Public Servants


  • All requests for processing will be acknowledged within 48 hours
  • Processing of Requests for reimbursements within the Honourable Commissioner’s approval limit will be completed within 1 week upon presentation of Medical Report and Funds expended.
  • All other types of request here-stated as well as reimbursements outside of the Honourable Commissioner’s approval limit will be forwarded to the appropriate quarters outside the Ministry for consideration and Approval within 1 week (i.e. Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget and His Excellency’s Office)
  • For applicants requesting assistance for overseas medical treatment, they will compulsorily be referred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) within 1 week for convening of a Medical Board to assess and recommend as applicable in line with the request being made
  • There shall be quarterly Continuous Medical Education Seminars/Workshops for Lagos State Health Workers to for improvement of knowledge and skills for Lagos State Health Workers.
  • We shall carry out quarterly medical missions at a different Local Government each time where we will provide:
  • Primary Health Care Services
  • Eye, Dental, Hypertension and Diabetes Screening services
  • Minor surgeries for surgical and Obstetric and Gynaecological Cases
  • Side-Laboratory Services
  • Provision of Drugs for uncomplicated ailments
  • Distribution of Long-Lasting Insecticide Nets
  • Distribution of Information Leaflets
  • The free surgery sessions for the cleft-lip program and limb deformity program will be held on a quarterly basis after a preceding free screening exercise for the public to determine their suitability for surgery.
  • Provide introductory letter to the selected public Secondary Healthcare Facility to facilitate access to free healthcare services within 1 week of request
Health Facilities Accreditation and Management Agency (HEFAMAA).
Re-accreditation and renewal of licences for medical and paramedical facilities in the State.

Inspection and Accreditation of new medical and paramedical facilities in the state.

Monitoring and Regulation of Medical and Paramedical Facilities in Lagos State to ensure adherence to Lagos State defined standards.

Review, Investigation and Response to Complaints received from the general public on healthcare facilities (public and private)

  • We shall ensure complete processing and issuance of renewed licences for medical and paramedical facilities within 4 months of application.
  • Accreditation of new medical and paramedical facilities will be provided within 45 days following application.
  • We shall inspect and assess 40 health facilities per division per week to ensure compliance to Lagos State guidelines for healthcare service facilities
  • Members of the Public with complaints will be attended to within 30 minute of arrival
  • Any formal complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours
  • A feedback on the preliminary investigation will be provided within 72 hours


Special Needs Provisions:

Our customers with special needs e.g. the elderly, physically challenged, pregnant women and children will be duly assisted to effectively and efficiently access our services.

Customers Responsibilities/Obligations

1. All Customers seeking to obtain a Certified True Copy of the Registration of Birth are required to come along with the following documents:

  • A copy of the registration of birth/birth certificate in question.
  • A letter from the Institution requesting for the CTC and stating its purpose
  • A formally signed request letter by the applicant

2. Householders whose houses will be sprayed under the State Malaria Prevention Indoor Residual Spraying Initiative will be expected to:

  • Cover all household items
  • Remove all edibles including water from the house
  • Wait for 2 hours after spraying before entering the house.
  • Sweep the house thoroughly before settling in

3. Customers who participated in the free cancers screening exercises and are referred to designated referral centres for follow-up are expected to do so to ensure their utmost benefit from the exercise.

4. To ensure we serve you better, any corpse or accident sighted or witnessed should be reported through the designated telephone numbers or to the nearest health facility or hospital.

5. Members of the Public seeking Financial Assistance should please ensure they come along with the following documents:

  • A formal letter of request
  • Medical Report of referring Local Doctor
  • Letter from Hospital abroad indicating acceptance of the patient as well as detailed costing of treatment to be provided
  • Evidence of ownership/processing of a passport

They would also be expected to attend the Medical Board Screening upon referral in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) with regards to their request.

6. Public servants seeking reimbursement for medical expenses would be expected to provide:

  • A formal letter of request
  • Identification card/ Letter of Appointment
  • Most recent payslip
  • Receipts of Expenses
  • Medical Report from attending Doctor

7. Public Servants seeking to access free health services should provide:

  • Letter of introduction from the MDA where they work
  • Recent payslip
  • ID Card for sighting
  • Photocopy of ID Card

8. Health Professionals in the Private Sector seeking accreditation for a new medical/paramedical facility will be expected to provide:

  • Formal letter of request to include type of facility and services to be provided within
  • Evidence of ownership and registration of the business concern
  • Drawings and Photographs of the facility
  • CVs and Certificates of all newly-recruited employees
  • Details of its Management Team

9. Health Practitioners seeking reaccreditation and renewal of licence for their operating medical/paramedical facilities should provide:

  • Evidence of monthly and timely rendition of National Health Management Information Systems (NHMIS) Data for the past 1 year duly signed and stamped by Medical Officer of Health of the Local Government Area where facility is located
  • Current Licence Issued
  • Registration of the hospital
  • Certificates of all the facilities employed Staff

Monitoring and Reporting:

The Service Delivery Unit of the Ministry is charged with the responsibility of monitoring performance against standards set in this charter. We shall endavour to empower them with needed resources to carry out periodic monitoring and evaluation and advice management on service improvement priorities.

Stakeholders’ Participation

The Ministry will evolve potent mechanisms to ensure that the stakeholders’ inputs are regularly captured for inclusion in the charter. Reports of the periodic monitoring of service delivery by SDU staff will form the core of input during charter reviews. Through various customer surveys and interactive activity we have been able to ensure that the expectations of our customers and clients are captured in this charter.

Charter Review

Our charter will be reviewed every two years capturing completely the input of our stake holders.

Complaints / redress mechanism

The Ministry of Health will try to resolve client complaints as far as possible at the area where the customer received whichever service, advice or had reason to question the service given.

Complaints should where possible be lodged by the client or authorised representative(s) at the time of service dissatisfaction allowing immediate attention to the issue. If it is not possible a complaint can be lodged either verbally or in writing at a later time via the Ministry customer care officers located at the Office of Transformation, block 21, Alausa Secretariat. Key complaints officers are:

  • Dr. Zamba Mrs.
  • Adenike Glenn.

Both are of the SDU office.

If you are not satisfied with the redress offered, you may complain to the Hon. Commissioner and Permanent Secretary on the 5th and 4th floors Ministry of Health Alausa.

Complaints in writing will be acknowledged within 5 days. When delay occurs as a result of investigation, customers will be kept updated through the process.

Where to find us

The Lagos State Ministry of Health has its offices located on the 3rd to 6th floors of Block 4 in The Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa.

For Additional Information visit our website at:

Our Officials/Staff

We have a team of competent and friendly health professionals to attend to provide our services.

Our staffs are easily identified by Identification tags boldly display on them.

This first edition of the Lagos State Ministry of Health’s Service Charter was developed with support from DFID Funded SPARC and the Governor’s Office, Office of Transformation. The charter will be reviewed yearly to ensure our effective and efficient service.

The Commissioner

Lagos State Ministry of Health

May, 2012.